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Rona likes to be interdisciplinary, not just in movies. She participated in a performance show for “Clipa” Theater, directed by Ariel Bronz. The show’s name was “Marginal Culture” and Soffer’s performance dealt with, obviously, sexuality and disability. This intimate and audacious show was presented at Beit Ha’ir in Tel Aviv and received many praises.

Soffer, with the aid of JDC has lectured in front of members of the large advertising firm CTV, and consulted to students from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, prior to the presentation of their work at Fresh Paint Art Fair held at "Expo Tel-Aviv".

“Through the intimate encounter, occurring in real-time, Soffer illuminates also the narrative of disability in Israeli society” (Idit Suslik, Haaretz)

“The documentary creator Rona Soffer, in the part which might be the most powerful, tells or precisely whispers, about her life as a disabled person and tries to tackle some of the taboos intertwined with our understanding of the term “Disability”” (Ben Biron, Mako)

Rona Soffer

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