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With her loud whispering voice, Rona has vast experience in lecturing. Her lectures deal with disability, sexuality, femininity, strength and cinema. Rona adjusts her lectures to the selected target audience.  

We are all born sexual. Now let’s talk about it. There is no reason to prevent disabled people from their sexuality. Seeing them as sexual turns them complete.

Rona gives her lectures in multiple venues: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University (Where she is a regular visiting lecturer at the M.D course “Medical Rehabilitation and Mental Rehabilitation Aspects in Human’s Sexuality”); Different rehabilitation centers (Beit Levinstein, ALYN, Tel Hashomer). Rona gave various lectures in, among others: Sexuality conference of Itam – The Israeli Society for Sex Therapy, Disability and Family conference organized by Feuerstein Institute, Sexual National conference of the Israeli Society of Occupational Therapy, “Mirrors” Conference of the School of Film and TV in Tel Aviv University. In addition, Rona has lectured in front of dozens of Therapists, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, filmmakers, social workers etc.

Rona Soffer

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